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A New Change

For the past 2 years, I have shifted focus from affiliate marketing to E Commerce and crypto currency. Things was rosy at first. Unfortunately it has gone a bit difficult for me in terms of sustainable success. Crypto aka Bitcoin has not taken off yet.  So why this rant? Let me tell you why.

For E Com, success comes when you have a winning product to sell, plus a steady flow of traffic. That has become increasingly difficult as of late as there a literally thousands of ECom players (or dropshippers) getting into the game, and fb traffic has become increasingly difficult for shopify stores, i.e advertising cost is getting more expensive.  Yes I was able to sell a couple of items via dropshipping and Print On Demand, however it is not sustainable for me. Selling 50 item or less in a month does not support and doesn’t cut it for me.

Now when it comes to crypto and bitcoin, I have laid the groundwork for myself. I had my cold & hot wallets setup, mining rig in place, etc. I am still a proponent of bitcoin, and will keep a close eye on it. But it has not shoot up yet (when moon, when lambo?). I do believe in will come, especially with the next halving that will occur in 2020.

But as an internet marketer, I cannot wait and stay still until 2020 bitcoin to potentially goes up. Time is money.

This forced me to do some soul searching, take inventory and look at where I am at now with my online business.

I realized that I need to continue doing what I know best, and that is becoming a good digital marketer. So, I’m going back to basics.

Basics such as restoring my list, building my list, having my Buy Now buttons up.

The fourth quarter 2019, my focus will be just that. And I am going to document that journey. I will still keep a close eye on bitcoin because that is coming.

So in essence, I am answering the question, “What would you have done if you were to start all over?”

My answer is, I would do the same thing, but this time with more accountability.

So now, here I am being accountable to you, as I am going to document my journey on how to build my 5000 subscribers list.  I’m going to document all the steps, all the success, all the troubles that I face when building 5000 fresh list of subscribers.

So keep a look out in this blog. Until then.



The Supernova Method Review

Supernova Method Review copy

The Supernova Method 

Goes Live on:

Thursday,  May 11th, 2016

8.00am EST


Product Name:  The Supernova Method

Product Vendors: Shane Nathan, Jacqueline Lee, and Chromabit

Price: $7 – $9.95

Platform: WarriorPlus



What is inside Supernova Method?

Supernova Method is a 7 module video training that will teach you how to create a money making campaign that allows you to earn up t o$1,456 Per Day on complete autopilot…

Here are the modules:


1st Upsell – “5 Ready-Made Supernova Campaigns” ($47)

5 Done For You campaigns to jumpstart your Supernova Method

2nd Upsell – “5 Profit Booster Machines” ($29.95)

5 ready made Profit Boosters Machines

3rd Upsell – “Viral Traffic App” ($67)

Viral Traffic App to send traffic to your Supernova Campaigns


Bonuses you will receive with Supernova Method

Based on what I have seen in the course I have personally picked out these bonuses for you.




 How To Claim Your Bonus?

Step #1: Clear your cookies. Press Shift+Ctrl+Delete, and clear cookies.

Step #2: Get Supernova Method here!

Step #3: Forward your receipt to with the subject “Supernova Bonus”

Thats it.



Goes live May 11th @ 8.00am EST

$250 Cash Magnet Review and Bonus




Launches On

Thursday, 21st April, 2016.

8am Eastern Time

$250 Cash Magnet is a brand new product from Glynn Kosky and Leigh Kosky.

The product is a set of tutorial videos that reveal how to earn super high commissions through a 100% free traffic source that allows you to get clicks and hits for NOTHING.

Through the course Glynn and Leigh shows the students exactly how to earn these sky high commissions on a daily basis and provides an in depth look behind the scenes.

Below is my video review:


Bonuses That You Are Going To Get:


Video Empire Bonanza

Spice Up Your Videos With Highly Converting  Amazing Collection of Animations And Elements!

Bonus #2

Video Sales Formula 

My “Fill In The Blanks” Sales Video That Has Generated $100-$200 Per day Online For The Past 2 Years


Bonus #3

Video Creation Mastery

Step-by-step video tutorials showing you exactly how to create high quality screen capture videos.


Bonus #4

Promo Video Secrets 

Discover How to Quickly and Easily Create Short Promotional Videos That Will Skyrocket Your Sales!


Click here to get my exclusive bonus:

$250 Cash Magnet Bonus

Got any questions? Hit me up on facebook.

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Dean Henry


Super Commissions Method Review And Bonus

Super Commissions Method Review

Super Commissions Method

Launches on:

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

8.00am EST


Product Name:  Super Commissions Method

Product Vendors: Desmond Ong and Chromabit

Super Commissions Method Review Desmond Ong

Price: $7 – $19.95

Platform: WarriorPlus


Verdict: Read on.


What is Super Commissions Method?

Super Commissions Method is aimed at helping people who have been struggling to get the grasp of internet marketing, to get started with the right system online.

This course is simple and easy to follow that it doesn’t matter whether you a professional or a beginner to start with. One of the best features of this course is that it offers 100% money back guarantee for 60 days.

So, if Super Commissions Method fails to provide you a financial satisfaction, you can ask for refund and you will get your money back.

Super Commissions Method

Inside Super Commissions Method

Super Commissions Method is a course that works best for individuals who wants to gain more in less time with minimum investment.

It’s easy to follow, step by step video courses will enable you achieve the life you’ve always wanted. Inside the course, you will learn:

  • Module 1: Super Commission Blueprint
  • Module 2: Review Site Breakdown
  • Module 3: Product Creation & Review Site Creation
  • Module 4: Bonuses
  • Module 5: Traffic Generation
  • Module 6: $400 Per Day Case Study
  • Bonus 1: VIP Only Webinar (Worth $197)
  • Bonus 2: Bestselling Book, Against All Odds (Worth $97)
  • Bonus 3: Private Mastermind Group ($1,197)

The OTOs also includes 5 Super Commissions Campaigns, Forbidden Traffic Method, and also Upmight.

5 Super Commissions Campaigns:

5 done for you proven super commissions campaigns that you can leverage on. Customers can give these campaigns out as bonuses to get more commissions in.

Forbidden Traffic Method:

4 part video courses on how you can build free traffic as a newbie. You will also be given Tribal profits as a bonus.


It is a software where the upmightbar will offer visitors to websites a certain amount of discount on all products after sharing the page through their social network and therefore promoting it. User will also be able to track all the relevant stats to monitor the increase in traffic.


Super commissions Method is a great opportunity for people looking to earn good money through the Internet with minimum investment.

They have a highly-dedicated support team of the course also makes it easy for the customers to overcome any problem that might arise while implementing the course.

Plus The 60 Days Money-back guarantee feature of the course makes it different than all the other podiums of online money making.


Super Commissions Method is a risk-free product that must be tried.

Verdict: Super Commissions Method gets my

Seal Of Approval!!



BONUSES Worth $1,175 For You!!! 

The IM Mastery Success Bonus Package

Here are your super awesome bonus package that you are going to receive when you purchase Super Commissions Method through my link.

1) Product Cash Flow (Value $27)

50 Per Day System Bonus 4

Product Cash Flow is full scale video course on how to create and successful launch your own information product on the Internet.

2) Product Creation Mastery (Value $197)

Product Creation Mastery

A Step-By-Step Webinar On How To Easily Create Your Own Products Quickly And Painlessly!

3)  Squeezepage  Mastery (Value $197)

Squeezepage Mastery

Here’s A Quick Formula Webinar You Can Follow To Build A Full-Time Income With Just A Squeeze Page!

4) Backend Sales  Mastery (Value $197)

Backend Sales Mastery

Webinar: “The Secret To Making Big Money Online Is Setting Up A “Promotion Plan” That Generates Ongoing Residual Income For You”

5) Clicking Profit System (Value $197)


The secret method on how to generate  $16,770 in sales within 7 days

6) The Anatomy Of A $4,424 Monthly Income (Value $17)


Step by step Money Machine Created by A Million Dollar Marketer,
The Anatomy Of A $4,424 Monthly Income

7) 12K In 12 Days Audio Course ($ 49)


A Full-Blown (Point-By-Point) Audio Course System For Earning Revenue Very Quickly… Even If You Are Brand New Or If You Are Just Getting Started

8) Automated InfoMarketing  Machine ($97)


A Course On How To Have Your Own Information Marketing Machine Online And Generating REAL SALES Within 60 Days From Today!

9) 5 Email Coaching Questions OR 1 Hour Skype Consultation ($197)


You can choose either to have 5 email coaching OR 1 hour skype consultation as support for your Super Commissions Method Purchase.

How To Get Your IM Mastery Success Package worth $1,175 with SUPER COMMISSIONS METHOD?

VERY IMPORTANT! You MUST delete your cookies to make sure you receiveyour bonus package. Click HERE to learn how. It only takes a few seconds to do.

Once you’ve done that, Simply CLICK HERE To Get It Now and Receive My Bonuses. (The Bonuses Will Be Auto-Delivered Once You Purchase Through JVZoo Platform.)

If you have any questions, please contact me at:

and I’ll reply within 24 – 48 hours.


Dean Henry

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