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AWeber is a decades-old service provider that gives e-mail marketers only the best tools for their business. They run an opt-in service that small businesses use to craft consistent, well-designed e-mails for their lists. Over 120,000 customers, businesses and other entrepreneurs use their services for their e-mail marketing. Their features supply templates, immersion with other sites and services and apps that will bring your e-mails to the next level—and keep them coming to best satisfy and engage your e-mail subscribers.

AWeber exceeds in their tools-per-price packages. They offer unlimited e-mails for even their baseline package, and over 700 HTML e-mail templates on top of those for their advanced subscriber plans. They also package plans by subscriber count. This way, users that have a low subscription count need not feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick. They also can’t take away the features those with high subscribers require. Vice versa, those that can afford a higher plan, due to their many e-mail subscribers, don’t take the open standard-rate plans from those just starting out. AWeber caters to all e-mail marketers with lists of all sizes indiscriminately.

Their hard work pays off. AWeber frequently appears in the news and receives many accolades for their efforts. CBS featured AWeber as a Best Place to Work, like many companies like Bank of America showcase their e-mail list-building knowledge for all customers. They share their knowledge with Entrepreneur and Costo Connection and won Technically Philly’s “Best Places to Work in PA Award” in addition.


AWeber supplies all kinds of e-mail marketing tools that boost the frequency and effectiveness of e-mail sending and promotion. These features include the likes of the timesaving autoresponder. This autoresponder sends automated e-mails and makes sure not to lose reader engagement. AWeber seamlessly integrates with WordPress, Facebook, PayPal, Salesforce, Shopify, Heyo and other social media applications to help make your marketing as effective as possible. With these solutions, you can grow and contain your personal e-mail list. If you want, you can import your previous list directly to AWeber without opting in twice.

Other features include their reliability promise and customer support with access to e-mail marketing experts. They promote that they can help your business grow in just 30 days.

At the time of writing, AWeber has a 30-day free trial offer for all new customers. Then, the monthly fees depend on the number of e-mail subscribers. Users with less than 500 subscribers pay $19/month recurring. Users can send unlimited e-mails at this rate, with the above benefits, and can get their money back in 30 days if they decide they want a different service.

Plans for users with over 500 subscribers become “advanced” pricing plans. These include 700 HTML templates, sign up forms users can make in minutes, RSS to e-mail, analytics and stats, autoresponders and all the aforementioned features. Users first pay a monthly, quarterly or yearly fee for advanced use. The monthly is $19/month, the quarterly is $49/quarter (after the first quarter starting at $32.67) and yearly is $194/year (after the first year starting at $177.65).

Then, users pay for their subscriber amount after these fees. Monthly, users with 501-2500 subscribers pay $10, users with 2501-5000 subscribers pay $30, users with 5001-10,000 subscribers pay $50 and users with 10,001-25,000 subscribers pay $130.  Users with numbers higher than these can contact AWeber for more pricing details.

AWeber is as well known for their support team as their services. Their “customer solutions” team, as they’re called, are a live and stationed team from Chalfont, PA and are ready to answer all your questions via their live-chat system. Or, to save even more time, users can consult the AWeber knowledge base for more information. Here, they post a forum of FAQs and other tops to best navigate their services.

They share their webinars and tutorials with their customers, showcasing e-mail experts delivering the benefits and tricks of the trade in terms of e-mail marketing and promotion. The tutorials guide users through AWeber more thoroughly. Both of these videos are free.

Contact options vary. Users can reach AWeber by e-mail with an online form (or by many of the posted team e-mail addresses), several phone numbers for toll-free, US and international support, and text chat. Support can be found 24/7, 365, but live support can be reached Monday through Friday from 8AM-8PM ET and on Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM-5 PM ET.

Last, they showcase a status update on their page, conveniently telling users how their systems run. They tell users in a brief message on the support page the latest news, or prompt users to visit the status page itself for more information.

They promote themselves above competition, besides with their services, with their prominent privacy agreement and security detail. AWeber takes customer privacy seriously. They crafted a policy using TRUSTe to signify that they comply with law-abiding privacy best practices. These frameworks are called the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor framework and the U.S Swiss Safe Harbor framework. They send notices, offer choice, high security, transparency, access and control to all their customers, as well as enforce moral, best practices among their employees. They do not sell, or share, their clients’ e-mails and contact information.

E-mail is instrumental to the growth of any business, regardless of whether or not e-mail makes up the core of that business. Eventually, users will need to learn how keeping e-mail contact with their customers works and how they can use their e-mail marketing to the highest possible potential. AWeber steps in to provide businesses with varying subscriber counts all the features, templates, tools and integration services they could possibly use to send e-mails, promote products, and keep in touch with their lists. Sending that first e-mail is a great step, but it isn’t enough. You need to take thought into the appearance of your e-mail, how your customers regard your e-mails, and what message you send when you craft e-mails for your customers. Ideally, your customers will want to see your e-mails on a regular basis, build your loyal relationship and enjoy your products. AWeber can help newcomers and seasoned professionals both with increasing their engagement and reaching business success.

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