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ClickMagick is comprised of a marketing team that knew going in what the budding e-mail marketing industry needed most. They’re just a team of three members—Brandon Shelton, Patrick Kelly, and the elusive “Ninja Developer”—but they already managed to identify the features that users most detest and how to make those features easier to navigate and solve. These features include tracking, compartmentalizing, link cloaking and others. They’re self-funded and work hard round the clock to establish themselves as one of the strongest click-tracking systems to date. They use the SaaS model to sell subscriptions to customers that care about who’s coding, who’s building programs and who takes their questions and troubleshooting issues first-hand. There are many benefits to small companies like these, including (but certainly not solely) their familiarity, trust and personal care. When you need an account, have a problem, or want to know more, you know who you’ll contact and you know what they can do.

ClickMagick click-tracking software offers a laundry list of features only thought about by their competitors, along with features out of those that particularly stand out from the crowd. These star features include the automatic split-test winner alerts, the reliability and speed, the GEO and mobile targeting, auto traffic-bot filtering and others.

The automatic split-test winner alerts tells users whether or not their split test received enough clicks to decide a winner. Once the test can have a valid winner, the customer receives a notification that informs them of the test conclusion.

ClickMagick can offer reliable speed that decreases delays—even one second delays—in the Google app engine. Their web-based tracking engine requires no installation, as it’s virtual from the cloud, and processes clicks with “lightning fast” speed.

Then, the GEO and mobile targeting “dynamically” lets users reach the pages for your site that are closest to their geographical location, without their manually having to choose their webpage. Mobile clicks are also divided between desktop clicks. Now, all traffic can be compartmentalized and optimized for further targeting and thus further revenue.

The auto traffic-bot filtering keeps your click stats accurate by expelling bots from your site. These bots contribute clicks that can seriously skew your click data. ClickMagick’s software can keep these malicious scripts from loading your software and fabricating clicks.

The full list of features would take far too long to actually list and give any reader a headache. Other salient features include: advanced retargeting on any link, countdown timer programming, link cloaking, five different kinds of Magick popups, mobile optimization, content locking, 24/7 uptime monitoring, real-time tracking, A/B split testing, Google Analytics-compatible, public stats sharing and a personal true-click accuracy engine. The list includes so much more.

At the time of writing, users can start with a $14 day trial and zero money down, just to see how it works. All plans earn users unlimited access to features. The differences between plans just revolve around the number of expected clicks you personally receive per month and the types of support options you can acquire. All plans, from the most basic and up, do receive some type of 24-hour customer support care.

The Starter Plan, currently on sale, is billed annually starting at $12/month. The Standard Plan, on sale, is billed annually starting at $33/month. Last, the Pro Plan, on sale, is billed annually at $66/month. The Starter Plan comes with “basic e-mail support in 24 hours or less.” The Standard Plan comes with upgraded e-mail support and “live chat in 12 hours or less.” The Pro Plan comes with pro e-mail support, live chat and Skype “in two hours or less.”


The free trial has no click limit; you can test the service and see how many new clicks you acquire to best decide which plan will work for you.

Speaking of support, their customer support team comes with its own landing page and multiple forms, for both potential new users and current users. For potential users, reaching the contact page of will display a contact e-mail form for questions or comments. Existing users can check the well-filled FAQ section, multiple video tutorials and demos, or contact the Help Desk directly. Both of these are accessible once you log in to your subscription.

The control panel, once you make your account, is among one of the cleanest, easiest to navigate control panels you’ll find of all their competitors. The dashboard has bold, large text, buttons and stats menus that show you the information you’ll immediately need to know upon logging in. Some of these stats include: link clicks, unique clicks, actions, total pop ups, unique pop ups, rotator clicks, unique clicks, sales, total and unique bars. ClickMagick posts their personal status updates right to your panel. The top tool bar lets you access your tools, while the quick links toolbar lets you manage links, manage rotators, manage pop-ups, manage bars and manage timers. The panel loads quickly and is formulated in a no-nonsense, direct fashion with very little guesswork.

For users that are trying to convince others to use the undeniably successful click service, ClickMagick supplies tutorials and demos for all to see. They promote an average of 56% more money earned on every click using their software. Demo videos show this process in action, with real marketers in real time. ClickMagick also promotes a large transparency standard in their company. They post testimonials from the business’ most respected e-mail marketers and, if those weren’t enough, they also contacted the top e-mail marketing gurus and had them profess their loyalty to ClickMagick right on camera. ClickMagick doesn’t just help funnel traffic—for many, ClickMagick saves their traffic from disappearing when something goes wrong on another affiliate site.

The ClickMagick business model allows the team to generate the best software using their expert marketing and coding skills and help other marketers succeed. As marketers and industry experts themselves, they don’t use guesswork—they know exactly which features they need most and which features will get their business off the ground. Very few companies even come close to the list of features and subscription components ClickMagick offers to track clicks, target audiences and perform business-saving tests.

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