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Directory of Ezines sounds exactly like what it is: one of the world’s leading ezine databases, containing electronic magazines (ezines) that focus on marketing and advertising. Members log in to their own personal account, search the database, find their target magazines and contact those zines. At least, that’s one use for the whole directory. Nowadays, while a directory is its primary function, the Directory of Ezines is a huge industry database that sells advertising, but publishes their own articles and accomplishes joint members. All users need as a Directory of Ezines membership to get started.

The membership/subscription will earn customers instant access to the database, touted as the longest-running and most thorough electronic magazine site on the web. The amount of ezines scale into the hundreds for your businesses. Directory Ezines also provides a custom learning center so that you can find the answers to all your questions and problems.

This database lets you find ezines the quick and easy way, but also lets users access multiple site features, including: usable products, sellable products, promotional and giveaway items for customers, access to an affiliate group, tons of articles and recommended resources, a fully fleshed-out rewards program and more. Users can contact Charlie Page himself for directory support and questions—the one-on-one consulting with a top Directory of Ezines leader is no joke and not always replicated across competing database sites. Plus, they can find a learning center with the aforementioned articles, videos, reports white pages, zines, books and others, to instruct new users on the finesse of internet marketing and how to make your business boom.

When you access the directory, you first log in and look for ezines using the search engine and your own specifications. You can search ezines by their size, numbers of subscribers, categories and others. The search menu, knowledge-base style, will let your see your search results and choose the best options. The lists contain all the data you require to find zines that have ad space, low ad costs, room for articles and their contact information. Directory of Ezines supplies discount information for all their magazine listings on a rotating basis. Users should definitely make sure to see whether or not their magazine of choice has discounts on spaces. Before they can access the directory, all users must have a subscription to the directory.

Users earn commission on all the ezine sales, through the directory itself. The commission is 50%, which comes up to as high as 90$ per sale. Directory of Ezines uses ClickBank for their commission disbursal. Users are paid every two weeks their earned commission. ClickBank has quite the track record—they’ve never been late on a payment!

Directory of Ezines invests time into every new subscriber. For the first week, subscribers can talk to Charlie one on one (for free, if they’ve subscribed), earn three free ads for any site they promote, help the users place ads on their site and help the users download giveaway products. The rewards build week after week for loyal members. By week seven, users can actually earn a free membership to other affiliate sites that provide even more ways for users to encapsulate their business. Prices for participation vary, but calling Charlie for an hour’s consultation will give you all the answers you need.

Nearly best of all the Directory of Ezines is only concerned with helping you do your best work; if you wish to renounce your subscription within sixty days of purchase, for any reason, you earn a 100% money-back guarantee. That’s within the first sixty days. The directory understands that life happens and, sometimes, users need to step away from an amazing database, if only to come back later.

Charlie Page, the main leader, sources his Directory of Ezines to the support page on his site. Here, you’ll find a very immersive knowledge base, starting with the search bar up to. The tool bar lets you explore the knowledge base, submit requests or check existing requests for users. The support page comes with articles on internet marketing, how to master the most difficult marketing techniques and more. Charlie is also transparent with his announcements, member help, affiliate information and pre-sale questions.


To submit a request, users can use the online form directly from Charlie’s personal page, including a file attachment option. Users can also submit tickets and see how their requests hold up using a status check on the website.

The most stand-out feature between the directory and customer support—while the directory is an incredibly useful and effective tool, that’s a given—is the care Charlie gives to each and every customer. Directory of Ezines is an ezine-standard tool that all marketers use to find and sell advertising, but Charlie takes his work aboveboard by answering customer questions, comments, and addressing issues. The support database far exceeds that of competitors.

The database is hosted on its own secure server and monitored 24/7 in its own private secure data center. But, should anything (rarely) go wrong, Charlie will not hesitate to let his users know announcements and status updates and work tirelessly to fix these problems. Direct contact in this manner between leader and customer is almost unheard of in the internet marketing sphere. As business boomed and more competitors collided for the same customer pool, it’s refreshing to see very back-to-basics customer support and care in the form of honesty and earnestness.

Users can start on the Directory of Ezines “Quick Start Guide” page. Users log on and click the left-hand link to use the guide. The guide helps users find the following: a good overview of the entire directory and its uses; what they should do first; how to claim their rewards; and how to contact Charlie personally.

Don’t confuse Directory of Ezines for a one-man show; Charlie invested a lot of time and effort into this database that’s won marketing recognition for its effectiveness, support, programing and affiliation. It can find ezines of all kinds and bring them to the people that need them most, helping both marketer and ezine fill article space and ad space for their clients.

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Directory Of Ezines

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