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GetResponse is one of the simplest e-mail marketing hosts on the web today. They have a broad audience base of 350,000 customers in 182 countries total. These customers combined have over 1 billion subscribers and counting—an impressive feat.

Some of their highlight features include their sleek, modern landing pages, perfect for looking sharper and more professional than the competition. They also use autoresponder software, have a 99% e-mail deliverability rate, e-mail creator software and 24/7 live support, just to name a few. They only hire experts in the field that know exactly how to help with any troubleshooting issues and problems.

GetResponse launched in 1998 and, over the course of quite a few decades, refined e-mail marketing practice and their tools to come to serve a network of 23.6 million people and counting. Their team creatively revolutionized the software marketers need to make their e-mails stand out, to drive their customers toward sites and products and to see real success from e-mail marketing. Their core values include: “always raise the bar, welcome change, and bring energy and excitement.”

Some of their pros start with their high-class testimonials. These clients can be trusted and can’t be bought. Featuring the likes of Quick Sprout’s Neil Patel and Venture Harbor’s Marcus Taylor, the testimonial videos really showcase how well GetResponse serves their clients and how well they refurbish e-mails for any use. Whether a business keeps in touch with their customers by e-mail, or whether e-mail marketing is all you do, GetResponse will serve your business with the right tools to produce the best e-mails possible.

Their autoresponder software also stands out. The Autoresponders 2.0 helps customers control their e-mail response with an automized program. The software lets users set follow-up cycles, birthday e-mails, 1-1 communication and other offers. The control panel is very easy to navigate, laid out in tile-format and can make e-mail response incredibly accurate.

Last, the top three favorites conclude with the e-mail creator. This software is a drag and drop editor that lets users access hi-res stock photography, graphics and other tools to formulate sharp e-mails within one of 500 templates. The templates are all user-friendly, software compatible and very technologically advanced.

Their tools vary depending on whether you’re just starting out in the e-mail marketing world, or if you’re an expert that already knows their way around the field. New users would love the e-mail creator, a piece of software that provides e-mail templates users can customize with zero coding whatsoever. They offer over 500 e-mail templates to let users start sending e-mails right away. Further, they offer 1000 images from iStock, so that users don’t have to pay for high quality and hi-def images for their e-mails. This feature saves a great deal of time and money.

For users learning the business, their Learning Center uses video tutorials and guides users can peruse. Through these, they can learn more about the e-mail marketing trade, about GetResponse and how to make their business thrive. Then—once they know the ropes—they can use the List Booster to build the contact base they need, right from scratch.

If the clients have been marketing for years, they’ll love this next tool. The list import software transfers pre-existing lists to GetResponse with drag-and-drop capabilities. These imports are single opt-in and help your list grow. The inbox preview page lets you see how your e-mails look to your clients before you ever press “send.” This feature and other features work on mobile for the experts, on devices from iOS to Android. They can take their business anywhere they want and commit to A/B testing using the GetResponse program. Last, clients can make target groups out of their lists—much like many audience analytics software on the web, except simpler—to get the most response from their lists and maximize their revenue.

For the first 30 days, customers receive a free trial. After that, they segment their plans by the number of subscribers—and they really expect the subscriber counts to soar. Each plan additionally comes with an annual discount of 18% at the time of writing.

Clients with 1000 subscribers, or less, pay $15/month, or $12.30 with an annual discount. The most popular account, the 2500 subscriber count, has clients pay $25/month, or $20.50 with the annual discount. Clients with 5000 subscribers pay $45/month, or $36.90 with the annual discount. The numbers climb from there: 10,000 subscribers pay $65/month, 25,000 subscribers pay $145/month, 50,000 subscribers pay $250/month, and 100,000 subscribers pay $450/month. Remember, each of these prices has the annual discount of 18%. The 100,000 subscribers client would pay, with this discount, just $369/month over $450.

GetResponse pricing

Their customer service is comprised in a learning center website. This learning center supplies users with white papers and videos that show them how they can make the most of both e-mail marketing and GetResponse. Users can search the knowledge base for FAQs, or look through general topic categories. GetResponse has several contact options for support, including a phone number, a live chat service, an international phone number and e-mail support. They also display their social media accounts for anyone to use and access.

All their customer support resources entail video tutorials, the FAQ, Webinars, the download option for whitepapers, manuals and reports, integrations, API/Developers, the glossary and their own “channel,” GetResponse TV. Finally, users can join regularly scheduled webinars that instruct customers and potential customers how to achieve e-mail marketing success.

Today, GetResponse operates worldwide with offices in the US, Poland, Canada and Russia. They worked hard to make solutions and craft software that lets users build websites, video conference and, of course, formulate e-mails to make their e-mail marketing most effective and strong. Their technicians and leaders of over 200 staff members banded together to make GetResponse the company it is today. This e-mail creating software is best for both new e-mail marketers and for people new to the business that want to try the best up and coming software on the market. If you have any desire to join the best team for the job, you’ll consider signing up for GetResponse.

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