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GoDaddy is one of the best-known web tools and hosting providers on the market today. They’re a large company, compared to their many smaller competitors, who can proudly say they are the world’s largest domain name registrar with over fourteen facilities around the world. They currently assist thirteen million customers and counting, divided between 4,500 employees that assist 60 million domains with around-the-clock assistance, no matter their location. GoDaddy stands out among the rest for their ability to supply unprecedented storage and bandwidth range, for pages, customers and businesses of all scopes, for non-contestably low prices. Additionally, they promote transparency in their company, showcasing all their press, testimonials and reviews, so that new customers can really make the call as to whether GoDaddy is the right option for their brand or website.

The best qualities about GoDaddy come down to their pricing, variety of hosting and their servers. Their servers are top of the line and can store more sites (or one single site using a lot of bandwidth) than many of their competitors. The servers are state of the art pieces of hardware, kept in only the most secure data centers worldwide. One dedicated hosting server can potentially host a website with as large as 20 TB bandwidth, per month. That’s 240 TB/year. GoDaddy plainly lists their many features, accommodations and plan options for all users. They may have a big reputation as a business that got its start in 1999, but they still reach out to those new to website creation and hosting and make the process easy and enjoyable for all customers. Read on for a great list of features and prices.

GoDaddy offers web-hosting services, WordPress hosting, static IP hosting and Dedicated hosting services. The web-hosting services are “fast, secure, reliable” and are shared hosting platforms that come with three packages and a whole variety of features. The “Economy” package, for basic websites, comes with one website, 100 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth—for even the most basic package—100 e-mail addresses and one free domain with the annual plan. It’s notable that GoDaddy offers more than just a handful of e-mails with their starter package. Their “Deluxe,” for multiple sites, has unlimited websites, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, 500 e-mail addresses and one free domain with the annual plan. These already are a crazy number of features for their price point (see below). Last for web-hosting, the “Unlimited,” for high traffic and multiple websites, comes with the previous features, 1000 e-mail addresses, the free domain with one annual plan, plus 2x processing power and memory with Linux and cPanel, Premium DNS and a 1-year SSL certificate. These are a huge number of features for the prices they describe.

But those aren’t all the features, or all the plans, GoDaddy offers. The Static IP Hosting comes with support, FTP account access and accepts SSL certificates. The WordPress hosting entails four plans of four sizes and features like one free domain, up to five websites, up to 50 GB SSD storage for 800,000 monthly visitors and over, SFTP and SSH access, a one click staging site, SEO tools for some plans, a malware scan for some plans and one SSL certificate. Last, the Dedicated IP hosting service comes with Linux plans differentiated by the amount of RAM they supply per server. They come with 2 TB storage and bandwidth soaring as high as 20 TB/month.

You won’t find much better prices across competitors, due to the size and longevity of a service like GoDaddy. The web-hosting packages are on sale at the time of writing, but full-price start at $6.99/month and scale to $14.99/month. These are also the renewal rates. The Static IP Hosting starts at $5.99/month for three months and can reach subscription rates of 36-month packages. WordPress hosting packages are also on sale, but full price start with $6.99/month and scale up to $24.99/month. The Dedicated server packages are very low-priced for their unmatched amount of bandwidth and storage. They start at $79.99/month on sale, or $129.99/month full price and can grow to $209.99/month on sale, or $349.99/month full price.

Cutting to support, GoDaddy offers both a contact customer support page and a help center. Current and potential customers alike can access features menus like “Domains,” “Office 365,” “Workspace E-mail,” “Plesk,” “cPanel” and more, through “GoDaddy Help.” Users could browse the knowledge database, or find the answers they need in the “instant answers” menu. From here, for additional questions and support, users can access the GoDaddy live chat. Or, to save time, they can reach the contact us page and use a wide variety of phone numbers and e-mails. GoDaddy is a global company and so supplies phone numbers to tech centers around the world. At the bottom of their long list of numbers they supply a 24/7 hotline, for troubleshooting questions no matter the time of day.

They offer, besides their plans, prices and support, a very inexpensive security program that helps protect websites still further from hackers and other issues. Websites are investments, they state, and deserve to be protected with as little hassle as possible. With SiteLock, GoDaddy charges only $1.49/month, or $17.88/year, at the most basic level to keep the customer’s website safe. Or, if a customer has a popular online business and is especially susceptible to hacking, GoDaddy charges only $6.99/month, or $83.88/year, for its Premium security package.

GoDaddy speaks for its own success. The host is a host built at the peak of the very first wave of host companies, back in 1999 when the silicon boom really took off. While other competing sites began at around that time, too, they charged ahead and really focused on expanding their company. Their efforts paid off; now the largest hosting platform to date, they can drive their prices low and only offer the best hardware and software programs for their users. They treat users with one-page personal websites as equally as the corporation that uses their maximum bandwidth dedicated server. To GoDaddy, a customer is a customer and worthy of the best support and technology they can provide. Go to GoDaddy if you’re looking for a business with the best tools, best prices and best individual care.

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