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OptimizePress is an easy to use, no-frills or complications company that creates beautiful, tech-savvy and modern pages for your site. They come optimized with all kinds of integrations and plug-ins, or hosts like WordPress optimized templates, for your site. They use a revolutionary LiveEditor program (below) within which you can create and publish your page, while seeing previews in real-time and without saving draft after draft. Adding plug-ins and graphics is easy with one-click and drag-and-drop editing. Their subscription packages only differ by the number of websites you intend to build with OptimizePress—all plans conveniently get the same features, regardless of price. OptimizePress really does care about making the best pages, for all customers of all brands and scopes.

Users start by choosing one template from a clear and colorful template menu, before opening the skeleton on the LiveEditor program. The control panel itself clearly marks where users can find plug-ins and other add-ons, taking advantage of block menus that let you clearly see website components for easy building. Integrations like buttons, bullet blocks, content toggles, delayed content and feature boxes are more than accessible and available for all users. Users can change the font, graphic designs, font weight and optimize their site for any use imaginable, from WordPress and standard pages, to e-book offers and e-commerce. No user needs to know how to code to use the OptimizePress features and create a site to be proud of.

OptimizePress lets you create all kinds of landing pages for your website domain. They start with landing pages first and foremost, but escalate to sales and marketing pages, free training and course pages, webinar registration pages, secure membership portals, product launch funnels, authority blogs and mobile ready page-optimization in addition. The pages are high converting and functional, free—including the free training pages—and boast high uptime.

Users can build their pages with an offline program called LiveEditor. This system is completely for page optimization that controls the content, design, custom domain name and URL and uploads previews in real time. Users see the work done as they happen and can publish the site from the program. These pages, using LiveEditor, are mobile friendly and accessible on multiple mobile devices.

Users can choose over thirty templates to start, with drag-and-drop customization that allows users to customize their own pages without exuberant coding. The editing is point-and-click for maximum functionality. Users can also access the Element Browser to add additional page elements.

Some themes even come with added plugin capabilities and WordPress optimizations. These themes use WordPress CMS with either priority optimization or as an added plugin attached to a main website template. There are 40+ custom elements and plugins that allow you to build your pages for any look, feel and function.

Last, OptimizePress can be integrated with a whole host of other tools and platforms. Some have API level integration, as in the platforms Aweber, MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse and more. They also work with iMember360, WishlistMember, MemberMouse and others. OptimizePress can be used Google Analytics, Google Content Experiments, Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely and the renowned Kissmetrics. To cap it off, integrations that don’t make the initial list—but are still notable and useful—include the delivery portals with no plugin, portal creation and a plug-in shopping cart software for e-commerce purposes.

Their SaaS model comes in three packages that fluctuate in number of sites (that you both own and run), but come with all the other features regardless of package size. The packages are named Core Package, Publisher Package and Pro Package.

The Core Package comes with three site-optimization, real-time site building with LiveEditor, 30+ templates, an element library, membership security potential, site-building flexibility and one year of support and core updates, priced at $139 annually full-price. At the time of writing, OptimizePress has their plans on discount. The discount price is $97.

The Publisher Package comes with the above, plus use on ten sites and additional templates, for $299, or $197 on sale. Finally, the Pro Package comes with the above, plus use on thirty sites and additional templates, for $495, or $297 on sale. The Core Package sale stacks to over 30% off, the Publisher Package to over 33% off and the Pro Package to an over 40% off price point.

OptimizePress makes their customer support presence well-known across all their pages. Each page ends with testimonials and a brief FAQ of the most-asked questions, plus the search bar for their knowledge database. If you choose, you can go to the OptimizePress support page from the link on the bottom navigation toolbar. This page leads with a ticket-sending option and that same search bar for their knowledge database. They publish their own articles and post their most popular articles for all to see.

If users feel like looking through the whole knowledge base and FAQ’s section, they can see the topics compartmentalized by level and subject area, including the basics, using OptimizePress, site setup, training, customization and more. They leave their user manuals here and post regular announcements and status updates. Their knowledge base is among the most extensive of their competitors, with hundreds of articles in multiple subject areas and concerning topics of all ranges of importance. If users want to keep up with OptimizePress in a more casual venue, they can access the company blog.

Users can fill out an online e-mail form, call OptimizePress, or submit a request/service ticket if they have any questions, or require troubleshooting.

OptimizePress lets users build webpages—with all the standard plugins that their competitors could easily charge premium—with little hassle and all the extras. They know exactly what they want to do to help your business: design mobile, access-friendly pages that can accomplish the tasks you need and integrate with the tools you want. Joining OptimizePress is like joining one network of a huge tool database, where you can make your page and then use other tools, hosts and platforms to bring your page to the net and start your business, if you so choose. OptimizePress has a “friendly” sphere, in the business of working together with other program

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