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Write Killer Headlines Without Thinking

I was going through an email autoresponder course at McMasters, and came across this at video 3 week 1 forum. And I realized that this formula is very important in your advertising (think FB Ads), and easy.

Anyay, I’ve want to share this with because I do believe it will help you in your advertising/copywriting efforts, as it did mine.

Here’s the link to the post and the post itself below.

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5 Key Points That A Make Good Sales Page Copy Great

January in internet marketing land should be called copytime. Every website out there is looking for brand new copy, from blogs to social media posts to web copy, or in direct marketers term, Sales Page. Of these three important types of copy, only one is going to represent your website day in and day out. While none should be ignored or written off with any type of nonchalance, I personally believe that Sales Page copy should be the most scrutinized of the three.

After all, many blogs are informal. Social posts aren’t meant to serve as your doctorate. But sales  copy, this is what get’s people take action when they get to your site.  So, it’s easy to see why sales copy should be carefully crafted, but it’s not always so simple to see how it should be crafted.

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Making Your Call To Action More Actionable

The standard call to action has become far too recognizable for the Internet savvy masses who know a hard sell when they see one.  They know when they click “Sign Up Here” that they are likely going to receive spam.  They know that when they click “Buy Now” they are going to have to spend money.  And while these will still work for products and services that customers are actively looking to purchase or sign up for,
it becomes a harder sell to pull off when you’re marketing niceties rather than necessities.

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