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Thrive Leads is a plugin that lets all users build e-mail lists faster than ever before. They use the most current statistics and technical know-how to form their plugin. With the script, users can create and deploy all manner of e-mail list opt-in forms for any website, including WordPress optimized sites.

E-mail lists are crucial to make sure once-visiting customers come back and see your site again. According to Thrive Leads, a customers needs an average of 7 interactions before they make a purchase. The business owner has to carefully guide them every step of the way by calling them to purchase, or sign up on their notifications list. They have to work through 50-80% of users that will visit once and bounce off the site, never to return. Cultivating an e-mail list of loyal, returning customers is hard work, but it’s not impossible. Thrive Leads built strategies right into the plugin so that you can build your mailing list at a vastly more incremental rate.

Thrive Leads is a plugin that includes conversion and list-building strategies to turn any website into a lead-generating site. They help you build opt-in and other forms and make these forms to be implemented rapidly. The builder can make and deploy e-mail forms in just minutes, with no coding know-how required and all the features that supplement HTML knowledge. Forms are empty templates that you can customize and send. The visual editor comes with many options besides pop-ups you can add to your webpage. All of these forms will contribute to an e-mail list sign up hike and the revenue you can sustain from acquiring a massive list.

The four main features include their forms, their targeting, their testing engine and their insights. The form lets you build any opt-in form you like to target site visitors and reduce their chance of leaving. Remember: 50-80% of visitors, according to Thrive Leads, leave your site and never return. Reaching out to them, rather than waiting on them to find and sign up for your list, is crucial. Just some of their forms include: the pop-up light box, the floating website ribbon, the in-line form, the two step opt-in form for front pages, the slide-in (less obvious) pop-up and a widget form for your sidebar.

Your form making doesn’t just stop there. Within the plugin, Thrive Leads helps you target your visitors based on posts, tags, categories, search history and others. The right form will mean the difference between a higher bounce rate and a new e-mail subscriber. Target your audience and build your list based on what they enjoy.

Their A/B testing feature helps you test multiple forms and increase your conversions by learning what your customers respond to and want from their products. Users see these results through the Thrive Leads actionable reporting and insights. These give users a clean stat report with important metrics like e-mail subscribers, revenue, page visits, bounce rate, conversions and others. Over time, you’ll learn where your traffic comes from and how to reach your audience best.

The three packages that let you use all these custom features, testing modes, insights and trackers, are divided into number of websites the user employs. The Single Site license lets the user install the plugin on just one webpage, but generously includes every single feature and earns one year of full customer support. This package goes for $59. The next—and most popular—Unlimited Sites option is as it sounds: the option to use the plugin on all sites the user owns and operates, with the same features as the Single Site License, for $97. Last, the Agency License allows users to use the plugin on their sites and their client’s sites, plus unlimited support, for $247/year.

All users can get a full refund under their 100% satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of purchase. The support team will help all users with any problems they may face.

The subscribers earn one free year of technical support with their purchase on two plans (the last, of course, is unlimited). Each year of support thereafter costs $40, or users can purchase other products to earn further complementary support. Plus, users can become “Thrive Themes” members and access all products and all support.

To reach Thrive Leads, users can find their contact site with an e-mail form inlaid into the page. Team members answer questions and e-mails round the clock for both users and potential customers that have questions or comments.

Their control panel is easy to use, streamlined for fast form making and deploying, and looks stylistically beautiful. The top toolbar, much like Word processor, contains text and art style formatting options for your opt-in form. The toolbar to the right contains the quick links. These include elements like paragraphs, WordPress content, images, buttons, icons, credit card icons, content containers, content reveals and more. If you so choose, you could even customize the form with HTML and CSS, though coding is always optional and never necessary. Multi-style elements include content templates, column layouts, content boxes, symbol boxes and quote shares.

Customers all see a hike in their e-mail list growth rate, according to honest reviews and testimonials. Thrive Leads is a refreshingly transparent service—they make sure you know that no one can magically create a profitable mailing list overnight. That kind of work takes a lot of care and effort, but plugins like theirs for any site make your job much, much easier. To date, Thrive Themes assists over 9000 users and counting with their plugin. The top user-rated benefits are the beautiful design, the form templates, the unprecedented targeting and their four A/B testing strategies for accelerating list growth.

Growing an e-mail list isn’t easy, but with Thrive Leads, users can turn their stand-alone website—even if the website is already conducting its own e-mail marketing lead generating—with more e-mail list building options. Opt-in forms are a near-necessary component to building a list the right way, with loyal returning customers. Plugins like Thrive Leads oust their competitors and deliver a product you would be proud for your brand new customers to experience.


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