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I was going through an email autoresponder course at McMasters, and came across this at video 3 week 1 forum. And I realized that this formula is very important in your advertising (think FB Ads), and easy.

Anyay, I’ve want to share this with because I do believe it will help you in your advertising/copywriting efforts, as it did mine.

Here’s the link to the post and the post itself below.


A few months back, I signed up for Mixergy’s copywriting course. If you’re interested, you can check it out here.

While it wasn’t groundbreaking, it provided a super simple framework for improving your copy. There’s a bunch of tips inside the course (which is why you should sign up), but I wanna reveal just ONE of the tips, because you can use this today.

Here it is:

The Instant Clarity Headline

Ever struggle to come up with a good headline? Does your mind go blank? Wish there was a simple and fast way to creating great headlines?

With this simple formula, you can.

Here’s how:

End Result Customer Wants + Specific Period Of Time + Address The Objections

For an example, check out the title of this blog post.

“Write killer headlines in 2 minutes without thinking.”

Using this formula, you can instantly create great headlines for your blog posts, emails and sales pages.

More examples:

  • Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks without drugs or exercise
  • Get ripped in 30 days without dieting
  • Make $300 online next month without niche sites or adsense, while working only one hour per day
  • Eliminate acne in one week without using expensive creams

You can get as creative as you want.

As always, focus on your offer first. When writing the headline, make sure that you actually know what end result your customer wants. Don’t say “lose 10 pounds” if they want to “get ripped”. This is common-sense, but it’s incredible how many people get this wrong.

Start with your offer. Then add the time it will take. Then address the most common objections.

If you tell someone they can lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, they might tell you that they don’t have time to exercise, and they don’t want to take dangerous dieting drugs. That’s why you can say “without drugs or exercise”.

Try this. Today. Right now.

It will instantly improve your headline… and you’ll be writing killer headlines in 2 minutes without thinking.

Why does this work?

I think it has something to do with the specific nature of the claim. If you say “lose weight”, you’re not getting anyone excited. But if you tell someone the exact amount of weight they can lose and how long it will take, while simultaneously addressing their objections, you are going a long way to “getting the sale”.

Vague claims mean next-to-nothing. Remember this when you’re busy writing about how your product is the “greatest”, “best” or “most popular”. None of that means a thing to a prospective customer. But if you say “3 times more effective than [competitor]”, it creates the aura that you have tested your claim and backed it up with evidence.

Have fun.

Drop Dead Johnny.

P.S. If you like this tip, you’ll like the rest of ‘em. Andrew Warner of Mixergy asked Dane Maxwell to peel back the curtain on how he writes copy and generates $400,000 each year online. He has a 10-step checklist that you can use each time you’re writing copy for your website. Get the course here (no aff links).

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