3 Unique Ways to Increase Email Engagement

We’ve written a few tips for email marketing content before, but today we’d like to stay away from the standard content and go for something that might make you stand out a bit from the other marketing spam…er…emails people get.  Yes, you should still follow everything else we said about creating urgency with your subject line, creating a concise email that sticks to a limited topic and providing social widgets in the signature to open up more avenues for connection.

But what we didn’t mention is that there are any number of other things that you can be doing to set your emails apart from your competitor’s.  By building a unique identity through your emails, you’ll create more opportunities for engagement.  This opens up your click-thru rate while boosting your consumer confidence, two things that we shouldn’t have to say, but we will, leads directly to more sales.

Three Great Ways to Add Identity to Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Use these three ideas as a jumping board for your own identity, remember, you’re not the only person that is reading this, so while they are still unique, it’s not individual.  Only you can create a preciseidentity for yourself through your emails so come up with one, implement it, tweak it by following your metrics and adjusting, and then don’t tell anyone about it!  Well, unless you want to, like us!

1. Make them Crave the Next Email. 

Much in the way writers add a little snippet of their next novel at the ends of their books, you can add a little snippet of your next email at the end of your emails.  This can be in the email, be a link to your site where they can engage further, or just be a title or some of the context clues about what’s coming up.  Either way, give them a little coming attraction, especially if the email they are reading is short, to the point and extremely informative and enticing, all the more reason to follow the good email writing protocol we talked about!  Of course, this means you’ll always have to write one or two emails ahead, but that’s where planning out your emails ahead of time comes into play.

2. Make a Discount Collection Game. 

When Monopoly first came out at McDonald’s, everyone was scrambling to collect all the pieces to win big prizes.  The same marketing ploy can be used with your email marketing campaign discounts.  Instead of just offering a discount code right off the bat, offer just a part of it.  Then, your recipients will be waiting to open your other emails to get the rest of the code to use for a big discount.  Alternatively, you can also use a few differing levels of discounts on different series of emails, creating a “collect them” type atmosphere.  This keeps your recipients engaged and watching for your next email each day/week/month.

3. Get Unique with Rewards. 

Everybody gives discount codes and voucher coupons with their emails.  While we’re not downplaying the value of these in your marketing campaigns, being a little more creative can go a long way.  How about offering discounts or even free delivery for one
year if they _______?  Sign up for a VIP mailing list or get discounts that build up with each purchase they make (5% off first purchase and 10% off second if made within 15 days, etc.).  You can really get creative with your rewards here, but just don’t make them so complicated that you can’t understand them and wind up cheating yourself out of profit through a mistake!

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