Best NICHES in Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

What are the best niches in affiliate marketing for beginners? Whether affiliate marketing is something you want to turn into a full time business or a side hustle, model the success of top marketers. The first step begins with choosing a specific market. But if you don’t ask the right questions, how will you arrive at the right answers? In this video, I will reveal how to find the niche that is lucrative and fits you best, along with the steps to setting your affiliate program up for long term success. Subscribe now:

Together, we have covered many areas of affiliate marketing in this Affiliate series but this time, it’s all about finding you the right niche. Most of the time, there seems to be only two choices. You either pick passion or profit. Or at least that’s what I was told growing up in an Asian society. But that’s not the case with affiliate marketing. It will only work when you find something that is meaningful to you. I consider myself lucky as I began my online journey promoting products in the gaming space which is something that I’ve always been passionate about. Watch this video now as I reveal the entire process from choosing a niche to turning affiliate marketing into something bigger for you in the long run.

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0:00 What is the best niche for affiliate marketing?
1:48 How to choose a niche for affiliate marketing?
3:08 How to promote products for money?
5:08 How to find affiliate programs?
6:50 How to promote products on social media?

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Lumso Phungshok - June 24, 2020 Reply

My biggest takeaway from today’s video is how you should start with something you’re passionate about because it’s some much easier to get by during the struggling period as a beginner if you’re doing something that you actually love and not the money alone. Providing service to your audience and solving their problems first by actually doing what you love in the first place. Thanks again Peng Joon

Nadia Martineau - June 24, 2020 Reply

Super helpful. I think any of these niches are great. What I learned is stick to one niche long enough and work hard at it and you can see success

Luna Schwarz - June 24, 2020 Reply

Thanks for another killer content people should follow your teachings.I want to know more about email marketing Ive been figuring out everything and putting the pieces of the puzzle im stuck on email marketing how do I create a sequence what tool should i use, how should i create my message and build up/ warm up my audience even more.

P.S. A video like email marketing for dummies would be good as a start, and lead generation is dope af more of that content too please Thanks.

David A - June 24, 2020 Reply

My takeaway is You have to promote what you love and that solves your customers problem

Naimul Islam Shaon - June 24, 2020 Reply

In the case of Amazon Affiliate Marketing shouldn’t the product be selected keeping the commission rate in mind? It not gonna bring me money if there is no good commission rate on my favorite niches! Amazon is cutting commission rates for members of its affiliate program. What would be your suggestion on this?

Kunal Khond - June 24, 2020 Reply

Hey peng joon! Valueable content as always.
I just have an question
“How to make the clients stay on the software we are promoting?”

    Peng Joon - June 26, 2020 Reply

    I would leave that to the software company. A good company would have a good inhouse onboarding process to ratain clients.

    Kunal Khond - June 26, 2020 Reply

    @Peng Joon thanks ! It was helpful

Christian Oliver Marzo - June 24, 2020 Reply

Imy biggest take away is when you are in doubt on which niche to start, think about your passion and capitalize from it.

Dave Hernando - June 24, 2020 Reply

I love how you summarized everything you taught in the end. I need to figure out how I am going to apply the principles you shared here.

Siphokazi File - June 24, 2020 Reply

Thank you so much for broadening my mind. You truly have opened my mind to what I’m really passionate about and still profit from it…

Vincent Rey III Villas - June 24, 2020 Reply

This is great!
What you need is just take action! Execute!

Parmar Jay Naresh Bhai - June 24, 2020 Reply

Ping joon you are great men before watching your I just driven traffic to the offer but after watching you I’m collecting email and I’m sending emails and I’m generating revenue it’s all happens because of you men

HanRu Lim - June 24, 2020 Reply

Hi Peng Joon, Your YouTube content are always attracting me. I am very new to affiliate world, and I do not have any Facebook webpage or group, how I can promote product like clickfunnel, or other products from various platforms like Clickbank. How to grasp attention from buyers with content and traffic?

Fong Zhi Heng - June 25, 2020 Reply

How do we send traffic from instagram/fb/YouTube to our email list

    Pablo Hernandez - Online Marketing - August 24, 2020 Reply

    Hey man! First, I suggest making a list of people who already got the audience that you want… So, for example, If I wanted to promote a product related to loss weight, I would follow the big influencers and celebrities in that niche. Now I would work my way in or either buy my way in. So for example, let’s suppose you are on Instagram and you don’t want to spend a dime on Ads. So I would try to become the most valuable member of my celebrity communities. That means that If they post something I would go to the comments section and help the influencer audience. If you do this correctly, people will start visiting your profile and eventually click your links if you put them in your bio, descriptions, and so on…

Myfanwy Moi - June 25, 2020 Reply

Hi Peng Joon, thanks a lot for creating this video. I’ve just accepted my application on affiliate program I do not have a single idea how to start promoting. This is just so helpful. Now I know what I need to get started. I am now thinking of my content to get leads.

Chabonx1 - June 25, 2020 Reply

My biggest takeaway in this video is to choose a niche from health,wealth or relationships whichever resonates with your passion. Then, begin with the end in mind. Choose a product, a software, a platform etc. to promote. Thanks!

Lucas Dominichini - June 25, 2020 Reply

My question is do you really need to this disclose that you are an affiliate, because I feel like when you do say so, people tend to click a lot less.

Starboy - June 25, 2020 Reply

I have a question. I’m about to lunge into an affiliate marketing business “idea”.
Basically. I’ll locate keywords with 400-1000 monthly searches. An wild example…. Laptops for girls under 18 in europe. Let’s say 400-500 people search that a month, you have tools to find words like these, I’ll create a blog… and I’ll make posts with exact titles these words include. Basically write up some reviews and stuff, and provide an affiliate link ultimately to those items. Dozens and dozens of posts of different things such as forementioned hoping to get a little bit of an audience from here, from there… to make up for one medium to big… depends how we want to look at it… pool of people. I’m hoping to make 1-3k / month with this as with that budget I’ll be able to get into other stuff more easily. Thoughts @Peng Joon?
Also that’s hilarious that you’ve an ex-WoW player. I’ve been playing WoW for 10 years myself now! Haha… 22 now! Cheers man!

Peng Joon - June 25, 2020 Reply

Which market do you have your eye on? What’s your biggest takeaway? Let me know in the comments below.

    Skyler XX - July 7, 2020 Reply

    Hi peng joon can i ask whats the difference of affiliate and digital marketing?

    Thabang Maduna - July 21, 2020 Reply

    Mr Peng joon I am a brand that wishes to promote other brands…what if I referred people to join clickfunnes would I get paid commission?

    SelfImprove Solutions - July 22, 2020 Reply

    Biggest Takeaway – Start with one product and promote well, still unsure on market, but will get some inspirational idea after reading back through notes from your content I am writing down. 8 videos to go, by end of the week, will have listened to and taken in notes on all, then massive action will be taken 🙂

    Lasaundra Leach Blalock - September 5, 2020 Reply

    My market is Perimenopausal Women and those starting the Second Act in life.

    Petara Tanuvasa - September 19, 2020 Reply

    I am an insurance agent who specialises in builders & construction. However, I would like to funnel them through to cloud based project management softwares. Would love to see you do a presentation on this. Happy to sign up for some coaching!

Michelle Mwayera - June 25, 2020 Reply

Wow! This is the best affiliate marketing video I’ve ever watched for beginners. It makes everything make sense. Thanks Peng 🙂

Syahmi Aufa - June 25, 2020 Reply

What devices would you need to start? Do we need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone would do?

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