How I Became the #1 Affiliate for Traffic Secrets (Affiliate Marketing EXACT Strategy Revealed)

Join me on my journey to becoming the #1 affiliate for Traffic Secrets with the exact marketing strategy revealed. What separates top affiliates from the rest? It all comes down to…. strategy. I had a whole plan laid out to win this contest way before the launch of the book. It’s all about beginning with the end in mind. In this video, I will be breaking it all down for you from the numbers, strategies, and process – everything that needed to happen in order for me to come in at #1. Subscribe now:

Three years ago, I won Russell Brunson’s affiliate contest for his previous book — Expert Secrets. This time for his third book, Traffic secrets – with all your help, I managed to do it again. Winning a contest is no piece of cake but with experience, I was able to strategize a fool proof plan but like most things in life, not everything will go according to plan. Despite the bumps along the road, total sales of $300,000 and $120,000+ affiliate commissions took me straight to #1. It was all thanks to you and to my 3-part marketing strategy. Watch this video now to become a top affiliate in your niche or market with this proven strategy.

As mentioned in the video, here’s the link to the Traffic Workshop held recently by Russell Brunson and I:


My Strategy to Winning the Traffic Secrets Affiliate Contest (How To Win Affiliate Contests)

Affiliate Marketing: Step By Step Tutorial That Makes 1K A Day (Make Money Online)

How To Create Multiple Streams Of Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

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Shelly Hopkins - April 15, 2020 Reply

Peng Joon your simply the best. Keep teaching us your methods!😉

Odean Hang - April 15, 2020 Reply

Hi Peng Joon
Just watched your interview with Dato Sri Adrian Wee
What a valuable and motivate sharing

Toki Tover - Fuel Your Dreams - April 15, 2020 Reply

What a dam good process for a launch or when promoting any product. 🔥

DigiProduct Marketer - April 15, 2020 Reply

Brilliant, brilliant strategy … loved hearing this!

    DigiProduct Marketer - April 15, 2020 Reply

    Particularly loved your YouTube SEO strategy.

Chu Tat Liang - April 16, 2020 Reply

It all makes sense now.

I noticed your ads at the early month of March, particularly about your video you recorded in Vietnam I think.
I got those ads on my Facebook because I’m one of the people who liked and follow your FB page.

On the day, when traffic secrets is launched, I received an email about Traffic Secret because I’m a warm audience. I bought the book is to support you and would like to get more understanding how traffic works, and because I bought the book, the value of learning from you in person is good enough for me to spend $97.

From the warm audience list you have, I was invited to join the webinar with Russell Branson for the special offer that he has.

See you at Omnipresence.

Tapesh Chowdhury - April 16, 2020 Reply

This was amazing brother. You have just nailed it. More power to you.

Steve Kilberg - April 16, 2020 Reply

Impressive.. Thanks for sharing Peng. This is Great!

Peng Joon - April 16, 2020 Reply

Are you ready to become a top affiliate with this strategy? What’s your biggest takeaway? Let me know in the comments below.

    DD SPYDY - April 16, 2020 Reply

    love u buddy

    Hacking Spree - June 11, 2020 Reply

    The offer building guide was epic ! And fighting the war backwards was the one that gave me the spike.

    NetBiz Typhoon - July 10, 2020 Reply

    Peng Joon, I really enjoyed your videos. I took a ton of notes. I really want to mirror what you do, well some aspects of what you do to become successful. I hope to apply these strategies and become the successful person I know I can be. Thank you for all the useful tips and strategies you put out. Keep it going, stay safe.

    Seng Tan - July 31, 2020 Reply

    Peng, many thanks for providing your great strategy to success. Must build a list!

JOHN NYORE - April 16, 2020 Reply

Now that’s Affiliate marketing 101
Great secrets right there.

Lik Foon - April 16, 2020 Reply

Build up the warm audience weeks before the launch, just so that you can retarget them when the launch is actually happening, that’s brilliant! Blew my mind?
True enough, most people only start doing the works to promote the launch when it is actually happening while you have show up prepared, and that’s how you can stand out in the crowd.

Dig your well before the thirst!

lastdance 2. - April 17, 2020 Reply

Wow wow wow again I’m learning so much from you. I have been following you for few years since 2016 and I have started out a business but it didn’t end up well and honestly it scars me a bit now. Smth is bugging me down but I know I have to restart eventually. But it’s just that fear..

Great content as always!

dhairya malhotra - April 18, 2020 Reply

My biggest takeaway is
1. To invest on similar traffic with the content you’re promoting
2. Quality ads
3. Make presence on social media

Barbara Chaseling - April 18, 2020 Reply

Thank you Peng Joon. You used great strategies and forward planning way back. I watched some of your videos early on not realizing that they were part of your forward moving plan. Begin with the end in mind takes on a whole new meaning. This teaching was invaluable.

Bram Lagrou - April 19, 2020 Reply

AWESOME. Love how you clearly showed us the behind the scenes strategy and execution. Well done on the result too!! Thanks for sharing.

Fabian Marchinko - April 20, 2020 Reply

It doesn’t matter how many courses you do!
Until you become the person that takes ownership of the result!
“I will learn it while I’m doing it”

Harvey Ezekias - May 25, 2020 Reply

Wow..that’s amazing biggest takeaway is how you used the 3’re are like 3 chapters ahead of everyone..👉

digitalmarket preneur - May 28, 2020 Reply

My man i learn so much from you i created my own do it with you free affiliate marketing training. Of course i’m not at your level but i’m working hard to make this happen and every day i learn more and more from you. Dude you are always thinking ahead of time. 💪🙌

Max Maxima - May 28, 2020 Reply

Well Done, Peng Joon, Always Feel Inspired To Do Much Better Seeing Your Results & Your Work 😇👼👍🙏

tiffany ng - July 4, 2020 Reply

Appreciate all your sincere sharing for us to learn n earn👍😍🙏!

Chris Mundwa - October 26, 2020 Reply

Yeah I’ve been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z*
I’m making over $1160 a week with them!

είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ

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