How I Make Over $50,000 a Month with the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program (Actual Campaigns Revealed)

Here’s how I make over $50,000 a month with the ClickFunnels affiliate program. Join me as I reveal the actual campaigns that make all this happen. Here’s a chance for you to build an affiliate income for yourself whilst helping others take their businesses online. In this video, I will be breaking down the numbers and steps to start, grow, build and scale with ClickFunnels. Subscribe now:

How did I go from zero to making $50,000 every month with this software? But wait a minute… what is ClickFunnels? ClickFunnels is a software that helps people build landing pages and simplifies the process of taking a business online. When I first heard about it, I was completely blown away. I have been marketing for ClickFunnels for about 5 years now. There’s no doubt that this is the real deal. I will be guiding you each step of the way so that you too can start your journey with ease. Watch this video now to discover how to make money with the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

As mentioned in the video, create your free ClickFunnels trial account by clicking on this link: (if you have not already done so).

Click on the link below to download the funnels:

Internet Income Intensive – Opt-In

Lead Magnet 1

Lead Magnet 2

Proven Presentations Webinar

Affiliate Bridge

Network Marketing


0:00 What is Clickfunnels?
2:10 How to make money with ClickFunnels?
7:21 How to promote ClickFunnels?
9:55 Is affiliate marketing a business?
10:35 How to do email marketing?


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Toki Tover - Fuel Your Dreams - June 5, 2020 Reply

It’s always eye opening after I watch your videos like this. You simplify the process and put things into perspective. Appreciate you man! 😊🔥

    Peng Joon - June 7, 2020 Reply

    Appreciate the constant comments!

Dustin Sanchez - June 5, 2020 Reply

Love the advice about give away a quick actionable CHECKLIST, not a 230 page ebook

Harpreet Virdi - June 6, 2020 Reply

Its really quite valuable video. Why dont you make one complete course on affiliate marketing where you get the work done by holding hand by hand.

Kristian B TV - Online Business Tips - June 6, 2020 Reply

Incredible video. I very rarely watch a video that long in its entirety, but you provided so much valuable content. Thanks for sharing.

    Peng Joon - June 7, 2020 Reply

    That’s awesome!

    Kim Buchanan - September 6, 2020 Reply

    Totally agree. He has over delivered in everything I’ve seen so far.

    Kristian B TV - Online Business Tips - September 8, 2020 Reply

    @Kim Buchanan i agree 100% 🙂

Peng Joon - June 8, 2020 Reply

Are you ready to give this a go? What’s your biggest takeaway? Let me know in the comments below.

    ATO TV - July 21, 2020 Reply

    This is exactly how I was brought to CF by an affiliate. A shared funnel

    Obafemi Beatrice - August 30, 2020 Reply

    Am interested in the share funnels

    Kim Buchanan - September 6, 2020 Reply

    Love the potential of MRR’s. Once set up it’s effortless & limitless.
    Thanks for sharing.

    td hunt -Outside The Box Digital Marketing LLC - October 31, 2020 Reply

    Hey Peng, really enjoyed the video. As always, lots of great content and the depth you take it too is way above anyone else’s on the platform. I’ve been following you for a while trying to get a handle on this whole online marketing game. After launching a new online affiliate marketing business about 5 months ago, I’ve aggressively been in search of the right strategies and techniques necessary to master the software and create a solid plan to execute. I went all in with ClickFunnels from affiliate to platinum and now to 2ccx member. So, I’m not as they say, “a dabbler” but at the same time, I’m still a rookie. So what would you’re advise be as far as advancing my business as quickly as possible to the next level. Thanks again for the time you spend to help others achieve their own success! You’re truly one of the few who go the extra mile!

Padmaraj Vasu - July 12, 2020 Reply

Omg, This is such a benefited video for anyone. GG Peng Joon Sir👌

Doodleistics shop - July 13, 2020 Reply

hello! Peng, most of the online business applications is requiring credit card#. We all know, that many of those who are victims of this credit card scam, Is it advisable to submit it?

ATO TV - July 21, 2020 Reply

This is exactly how I was drawn into clickfunnels

Vanessa Kulda - July 26, 2020 Reply

I REALLY appreciate how much value you are giving away. I learned something new when you talked about sharing a funnel you pre-created.

Sagar Gosavi - July 28, 2020 Reply

Awesome video.. I’ve heard a lot about you in the past from my friends.. somehow YouTube recommended me this video and I’m very grateful for this.. Thank you Soooooo sooooo much.. this is such a valuable asset on YouTube.

chad rowe - August 5, 2020 Reply

Peng Joon thank you very much for all of your content. I am a new AM company. I started it just a few months ago. I have gotten all of my Business stuff taking care of IE: Bus name, Bus EIN, Bus Bank Acct, CF Acct, CB Acct, Bus registered with the state, LLC and Etc. So I am now learning all the different ways to be a successful business online. I am following you because I have read several of your things online and love your passion and experience. I am now try to do my first funnel. Thank you

Gwendolyn Brown - August 20, 2020 Reply

Great video! I would love to see more about your traffic sources and / or strategies. Thank you

Net Wealths - August 24, 2020 Reply

PENG! Thank you for always posting amazing content…you inspired me along my affiliate marketing journey, and I just crossed $100,000 in lifetime sales. THANK YOU!!

JBAR MAHDI - August 30, 2020 Reply

inspiring but…!!
Can i start affiliate this software as a Bangladeshi? Is this is opened for me?

Terrence LeBlanc - August 31, 2020 Reply

Awesome value! I love this strategy. How can I get training from you?

Blue Cat Relaxing Music- White Noise & Meditation - October 8, 2020 Reply

Incredible video! It’s amazing how one would share so many great tips to help other people in a free video. Thanks very much, it inspires me with so many ideas now! God bless 🙂

GBL - October 8, 2020 Reply

Great presentation ! With much of excitement i signed up with one affliate program before and got rejected, the insights of this video has broaden my mindset, yes why build other business direct if you can build your own first and utilize it as means for other source.thanks for sharinf

Lone Dexxon - October 19, 2020 Reply

I literally just saved this video 🙌🏻😌

Errol Crockett - October 26, 2020 Reply

Wow, talk about value? That was great, thanks!

David Nashon - October 31, 2020 Reply

Hey peng.. what if I actually get your funnel into my account..can I then share it later as my own funnel too?

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