How To Get Free Traffic To Your Blog

Once you have setup your blog and posted some content, then you should focus on getting people to read your blog. Remember you’re not reinventing the wheel here. Use these proven methods of sending traffic to your blog

No 1)  Facebook is one of your best choices of sending traffic to your blog.

You can setup a new page in about 5 to 10 minutes. It’s simple and it’s free. For example, check out Dean Henry Dot Com FB Page. But that is not the best part. Once someone is a fan of your Facebook page, then you can setup automatic updates between your blog and Facebook page. So fans will be the first to see your post or add into your blog.

No 2) Start a Twitter account.

Everyone and their mother seems to be joining Twitter lately, and so should you. Setup an account just for your blog. It takes less than 5 minutes to setup a Twitter account. Send out some interesting tweets. You can also setup automatic scheduling of tweets to make your task much easier.

Like with Facebook,  you can also automatically update your Twitter followers whenever you have a new post on your blog. Ask others to retweet you, just like what I did with my Dean Henry Dot Com Twitter page,  so you will have access to their followers as well.  Continue to build your following. Tweet interesting stuff and be consistent.

No 3) Utilize forum signatures.

I’ll assume you are blogging about something you absolutely love, so you should be a member of a forum that discusses that specific topic. For me, its the Warrior Forum. Check out my forum signature example here.

Be absolutely sure to utilize your signature on this forums. Place information about your blog on the signature line, and use a catchy description so that people might actually click on it.

No 4)  Social networking, RSS feeds, and blog directories, are going to be our next tip.

People dont normally just randomly stumbled on a new blog by accident. That’s why you should have all these buttons on your blog. Not just for decorative purposes, but to also give readers an easy way of sharing posts they really love.

And finally, be sure to list your blog in the biggest directory. Just Google “Blog Directories” to get a complete list where you can submit your blog to.

No 5) Blog Commenting

Comment on other blogs there are in the same niche as yours. Do this with popular blogs and add useful comments. Don’t just go to a random blog and comment “Please come and visit my blog”. That’s just flat out rude.

Leave only helpful comments that add to the conversation. Always included your blog link on the “Blogs Website” field. I also recommend you use trackable links, so you can know which sites that are sending you the most traffic.

No 6) Guest Posting

Find out if any blog allows Guest Posting and then contact the owner to set it all up. Guest posting is extremely powerful and most web owners are willing to allow them.

The post must only be the highest quality though. If you want even a greater chance of them saying Yes,  attached the proposed post to your email. If they say no, then its probably due to the topic. You should always ask why, and hope that they answer. Either way you can always use that post for another submission or even add it to your own blog.

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