How to Get Your First Client While Working From Home

How to get your first client while working from home. Here’s the situation. You now have a skill set, product, program or service to offer but… you don’t know how to get customers. So what’s next? Like I always say, ‘’To arrive at the answers, you need to be asking the right questions’’. In this video, I will be sharing the steps to package, position and close clients even from home.
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Developing a skill set was the first part of the equation, and now comes the second — finding clients and making money. Here’s one thing that will cripple you before you even get started. Most people think that going broad and taking on any customer that comes their way is a good strategy. When in reality, it only weakens you. Starting out, you want to be industry specific. Watch this video now to uncover the steps to getting your ideal clients.

P.S.: I will be giving away $100 to a random winner. Just subscribe, like and comment your biggest takeaway from this video.

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Alex Yehorov - Body Mastery - November 11, 2020 Reply

Here we go package of value has been delivered

Leslie Andrew - November 11, 2020 Reply

These skill sets are important but the positioning also very important as well! Great Value!!!

Internet Millionaire- Usman Afzal - November 11, 2020 Reply

The key to success is to focus on goals not obstacles!

Pham Baylon - November 11, 2020 Reply

ITS been while since i see your post again i miss you so much my Peng Joon love you always 😘😘

Life of Kairo - Million Dollar Hustle - November 11, 2020 Reply

Hey Peng would you recommend having a separate personal FB profile (that targets your dream customer) and use that profile to participate in the relevant group conversations?

Designed For Success - November 11, 2020 Reply

Thank you, I was confused about should I go broad, or should I niche down. Going broad seems like a good idea, but now I see it’s better to narrow down

Ace - November 11, 2020 Reply

It’s kinda funny to see some people are being too salesy in their attempt to enter the conversation.

This video really gave me a good idea about entering the conversation and I will definitely apply it right away. I hope I will be able to find a client. Hehe

Peng Joon - November 11, 2020 Reply

Who is your target audience after niching down? What is your biggest takeaway? Let me know in the comments below.

    Rishab Mukhi - November 11, 2020 Reply

    Offline store’s and businesses

    Automation Mastery For Coaches - November 11, 2020 Reply

    Coaches and speakers. Curious would would happen if I niche down even further…

Akilesh Narayanan - November 11, 2020 Reply

Hi Peng Joon! Thanks for your valuable content as always! 🙂 My biggest take away was to enter the conversation that is already happening so that they click on my profile and find out more about me.

FreeMusic - November 12, 2020 Reply

Peng Joon… excited here!
About the $10k cash giveaway.
Hahaha… 😂

Josh Senaga - November 12, 2020 Reply

¿ What is my niche?
My Market is Health, and my submarket is chiropractics/dentists. My niche inside that is Facebook Ads

¿What is my skill?
Facebook Ads with Lead Funnels for a business

¿What is my unique result?
My unique result is to get them qualified leads with a system on Facebook Ads.

¿Where are they hanging out?
They are more likely to be on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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