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7 Ways to Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers


A Google search for “ways to re-engage dead email subscribers” turns up more than 1.53 million results.

So there is a lot of information out there about just how you should approach regaining the trust and interest of your formerly “live” list members.

You understand that it is more efficient and profitable to keep current subscribers active and happy than it is to chase down new prospects. But exactly how do you go about winning back their attention?

There are several proven ways to rekindle the spark that originally caused a burning desire in your prospect’s mind to interact with you, and got them to join your email list in the first place. Let’s take a look at some proven ways to reengage inactive subscribers.

1) Send a “Baby come back!” love letter

The Temptations said it best, “I know you want to leave me, but I refuse to let you go.” That famous music lyric from the ’60s comes from a song titled “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”. And sometimes a straightforward and honest request is all it takes to get formerly active email subscribers alive and participating. Make sure to accompany this love letter with a request for the types of information your prospect is looking for, then deliver it.

2) Stop selling all the time

I know, I get it. You are an Internet marketer. Your list understands this as well. But when you are simply touting some new product or service in … every … single … email … the appearance of your name in your prospect’s inbox almost guarantees lack of engagement. Offer value in 2 out of every 3, or 3 out of 4 emails. Just make sure you are giving away incredibly useful and actionable information relevant to your market. After 2 or 3 really great pieces of content where you attempt to sell nothing at all, your “dead” list subscribers will start to become active again, and look forward to your offer.

3) Survey, survey then survey some more

Everyone appreciates when you ask their opinion. So why not do exactly that? With a catchy email subject line like “I respect your opinion, so …” you instantly grab your list’s attention. Then offer them a free survey that will only take a couple of minutes of time. A lot of email list owners use surveys, but they use them ineffectively. After your reader has taken time out of their busy schedule to complete your survey, reward them with a valuable free download, tele-seminar, webinar or video.

4) Do not forget to include a call to action in every email

Remember earlier when we said you should never be selling in every email to your list? That is definitely true, but that does not mean you shouldn’t include a call to action. After revealing some powerful free information that is targeted specifically to your list, tell your subscriber just what to do. “For more information on this topic and a powerfully relevant secret I discovered, click here.” That is a great way to build engagement, and create traffic back to your website or blog.

5) Provide a once-a-week option

As an Internet marketer, regardless of your niche or field, you should be emailing several times each week. And if you follow the above tips and give away awesome free information most of the time and add a call to action in every email, your list will stay engaged for the most part. Even so, you only need to look at your own inbox to realize how many incoming messages the typical Netizen receives in a day.

So why not include a noticeable link in your email signature that provides the option of receiving just one weekly email? This is a great way to turn someone from an unsubscriber to an engaged prospect. And here is a secret tip to make them feel privileged when they choose this weekly option. Simply tell them that if they feel they are receiving too many weekly emails, they can sign up to your “VIP Preferred Member Email List” and receive just one weekly mailing that includes a collection of special offers and information.

6) Ask your customers to help you help them

Approximately 40% to 60% of all email lists are built on bad information. You might be surprised at the amount of engagement you can create when you simply ask your customers and prospects to update their email information. This gives them a chance to sign up for social media updates or mobile notifications, change to a preferred email address and make other tweaks that help you reach and engage them better.

7) Stop writing and start speaking

Engagement happens when people speak to one another. And if you are following every rule of grammar when you write emails, you are not communicating like normal people speak. Use incomplete sentences. Use some speech to text software like Dragon Naturally Speaking when you compose your emails. And pretend you are talking to one individual instead of your entire list. When you have compiled an email, read it out loud to yourself. Make sure you are not using big words and market specific language, and just talk like you would to your friends. Engagement will go up, while unsubscribers and inactivity will go down.

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