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Thrive Leads Review

Thrive Leads is a plugin that lets all users build e-mail lists faster than ever before. They use the most current statistics and technical know-how to form their plugin. With the script, users can create and deploy all manner of e-mail list opt-in forms for any website, including WordPress optimized sites.

E-mail lists are crucial to make sure once-visiting customers come back and see your site again. According to Thrive Leads, a customers needs an average of 7 interactions before they make a purchase. The business owner has to carefully guide them every step of the way by calling them to purchase, or sign up on their notifications list. They have to work through 50-80% of users that will visit once and bounce off the site, never to return. Cultivating an e-mail list of loyal, returning customers is hard work, but it’s not impossible. Thrive Leads built strategies right into the plugin so that you can build your mailing list at a vastly more incremental rate.Continue Reading

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