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ClickMagick Review

ClickMagick is comprised of a marketing team that knew going in what the budding e-mail marketing industry needed most. They’re just a team of three members—Brandon Shelton, Patrick Kelly, and the elusive “Ninja Developer”—but they already managed to identify the features that users most detest and how to make those features easier to navigate and solve. These features include tracking, compartmentalizing, link cloaking and others. They’re self-funded and work hard round the clock to establish themselves as one of the strongest click-tracking systems to date. They use the SaaS model to sell subscriptions to customers that care about who’s coding, who’s building programs and who takes their questions and troubleshooting issues first-hand. There are many benefits to small companies like these, including (but certainly not solely) their familiarity, trust and personal care. When you need an account, have a problem, or want to know more, you know who you’ll contact and you know what they can do.

ClickMagick click-tracking software offers a laundry list of features only thought about by their competitors, along with features out of those that particularly stand out from the crowd. These star features include the automatic split-test winner alerts, the reliability and speed, the GEO and mobile targeting, auto traffic-bot filtering and others.

The automatic split-test winner alerts tells users whether or not their split test received enough clicks to decide a winner. Once the test can have a valid winner, the customer receives a notification that informs them of the test conclusion.

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