The 4 Pillars Of Online Success

There are many pillars going around cyberspace, each claiming to be THE pillars for success. But, for online success, you need these 4 Pillars. You need to nail these 4 pillars. These 4 pillars are more important than anything else except for your mindset. You’ve got to nail each of these 4 pillars in order to make money. Most people skip over one or two of them. If you skipped any, you will struggle to have success.

So what are these 4 Pillars?

The first pillar is CONVERSIONS. What I mean by conversions is sales; being really good at converting traffic and dispensing money, really good at copywriting. Most people suck at conversions. They are terrible at conversions; they want to be a so-called professional online marketer who makes a lot of money in marketing. The definition of marketing according to me is sales. If you could be good at sales, you could make a lot of money. Simple logic, right?!

But most people are like “What? I’m no sales person, I don’t like sales, I hate sales, but I want to be a marketer”. That doesn’t make sense. You got to get good at sales OR you get somebody who is good at sales to work with you but you need sales in order to make money online.

People are not just going to give you charity money online, they need to be sold, they need to be convinced. You need to use techniques, strategies and methods that work that stand the test of time, to tap into human triggers, psychological triggers, human emotions, problems, needs and desires, and get these people to pull out their credit card and buy from you.

Conversions itself a huge topic. It’s not going to be answered in this post. You are going to have to invest in yourself to master conversions; either you yourself, or someone else that you’re going to partner with, better be good at conversions or you’re not going to make any money online.So most people are poor at conversions, most never pay any attention to conversions at all, they ignore it, they pass right over it, they look at everything else for making money online chasing schemes, bouncing around, chasing loopholes, black hat stuff.

The way to make money on this business is conversions. Trust me, if you focus on conversions, the money will come and it will come by the truckload. Ignore it and you’ll be frustrated for years, maybe even a decade, and no money will come because it’s all about conversions. It’s the number 1 key to success online. Is there any wonder why most people fail in this business? They ignore the most important thing for making money, which is conversions.

Because they are not focusing on the number one thing that causes success, and money, and income, and cash flow, and freedom, and that is conversions.

Focus on it!

You want to nail this first pillar?

Then, focus on conversions. Focus on copywriting, master it, buy books, buy information, get mentored, hire a copywriter, print out sales letters and rewrite them, study, study it. And it will change your life.

The Second pillar of online success is TRAFFIC. Now traffic and conversions go hand in hand. Let me stress that again; traffic and conversion go hand in hand.

You want to convert? You got to drive some traffic to it in order to see what your conversions are. If you want to get traffic, you got to have something to send that traffic to, send those clicks to, and it better convert or you’re going to waste your money, time, energy, effort, blood, sweat, tears and dreams. So in order to get any kind of money coming into your business, to your income to your bank account, is you need traffic AND conversions.

Everyone wants to focus on traffic, that’s the sexiest thing right? Get in loads and loads of traffic flooding your site, bursting your server, and money is coming out of your ears, and that’s a beautiful vision everyone has. But it’s all for nought, unless you can CONVERT.

If you could convert, then you can drive traffic from all over internet land and make yourself a ton of money. If you can’t convert, then you’re NOT going to drive very much traffic. Then you’ll give up, you’ll quit, you’ll move on to something else that looks appealing to you, the next shiny object. But in order to make money online, you need traffic and conversions and you better be good at both. That’s the key. It’s not digging ditches; it’s getting traffic and conversions.

Now as far as traffic goes, that’s a huge topic too. There’s paid traffic, there’s free traffic, there’s joint venture traffic, PPC, PPV. And then there’s banner buzz, there’s media buzz, there’s solo ad traffic, there’s email drops, there’s classified ads, there’s social media traffic. I mean, that could go on forever. So, just all you need to do is to get 1 or 2 of those traffic strategy techniques, and master them.

The third pillar is PRODUCTS. Products, you need to sell products and the products better be good. You’re going to sell your own products or someone else’s products but those products need to be good or your customers, your subscribers, your list, your people, your traffic is not going to buy from you again.

So provide them with good quality products and they’ll buy again and again and again. So find really good quality products, either you create them yourself or you find something out there for sale that you can promote as an affiliate. But that’s the third pillar, Products.

The fourth pillar are TECHNICAL. You may not agree with me, but it is a pillar because it has to be covered when it comes to internet marketing. You have to be able to get stuff up online and you got to be able to get tracking things installed and html and graphics and all that kind of stuff. That’s important, that’s the fourth pillar. It’s required to succeed online. Okay?

If you’re not technical, you can get someone who is, it’s not a big deal. Most people don’t have too many problems with technical if they’re serious. But on the other hand, there are lots and lots of people that are terrible at technical and this pillar alone. The fact that they are terrible at technical stuff prevents them, or creates a barrier that prevents them, from succeeding four years.

So if you’re terrible at technical stuff, then you should save up some money, sacrifice one weekly starbucks, sell your television….. and hire somebody. You can get cheap outsourcing from some teenager or someone from the Philippines to do the technical stuff for you,  so you could get going, and move forward, and moving towards your dreams. Get the technical stuff covered so you could start making some money, and living your dream.

So to recap, the 4 pillars are; Conversion, Traffic, Products, and Technical. You need to be good at all 4 to make huge money online.

Dean Henry

Father of 2, Coffee Connoisseur wannabe, Liverpool FC supporter, Digital Marketer, and Bitcoin proponent. Most importantly, I'm your internet marketing friend, and I can show you the right way to earn an income online.

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